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26 de agosto de 2017
In order for this movement to grow, we need your help.  Post a link to Law Schooled or the blurb below on your Facebook status, email it to your friends, and urge your student organizations to send this information to their members:


As both investors and an investment, law students ought to have a voice when it comes to law school reform; we invest over 3 years of our lives and often over $150,000.  Until now, a national, egalitarian forum for students has not existed, and student voices have been marginalized.
  • Law Schooled is a network that allows students to learn from other students and connect to faculty, so that students can work together to shape the future of legal education and help each other survive three grueling years with a bit of advice and a bit of humor.
  • Law Schooled aims towards goals that benefit students, such as lowered tuition and debt, higher employment, transparency in financial and employment data, improved skills training, the development of ethical and capable lawyers, and an emphasis better student-to-faculty and faculty-to-student communication and feedback.
  • Law Schooled can only achieve these goals when students start speaking out and taking action.  Consider being a one-time, weekly or bi-weekly contributor to the blog – submitting essays, stories, or cartoons and becoming involved with the Law Schooled editorial board and marketing team.
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