Sky is the Limit

27 de agosto de 2017

“He’s a white male with hair, Lemon. The sky’s the limit.” – Jack Donaghy

The rationales for the grades that are distributed in law school are at best a bit murky. This is of course inherent in the grading of any non-standardized test. The curve serves to only make the rationale for any particular grade all the more nebulous.

However, a course at my law school, which shall remain nameless since I would like to be employed at some point, has taken the already questionable grading methodology to new heights of subjectivity. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce “CHARISMA GRADING”.

There are no exams in this course. We are graded almost entirely on a group presentation. According to one of our professors (both of which are older white males), a grade will be given to the whole group, but it can be increased or decreased depending on one’s “charisma” during the presentation because that’s totally not something that’s entirely subjective.

For instance, EVERYONE finds BOTH TIM TEBOW AND RU PAUL charismatic, right? I’m sure whether one finds them charismatic DOES NOT vary with gender, race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, attractiveness, and height…

In other, PURELY COINCIDENTAL, news: all tall white males with hair will be receiving As in this course.

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