JD v. MBA: Teaching Methodologies and Working with Lawyers

26 de agosto de 2017

In this podcast, a JD and MBA compare and contrast law and business school.




Heard round the block:

  • If you, law student, want to have a client simulation course and learn to work in groups, take a course at the business school.
  • If you think business school is so great, transfer to business school or get a JD/MBA.
  • Law students need to learn more theory rather than skills because lawyers are professionals, while those who work in business are not.
  • Law students do not need leadership skills because they will enter the working world through an apprenticeship system.
  • Law students need to learn to follow, not lead.
  • Law students should not and cannot learn people skills, because they enter law school without them, do not have it within them to learn, and will spend most of their time working on their own when they get to the real world anyway.
  • Law students get sufficient experiential learning through summer internships, semester externships, and clinics.
  • Law students do not need specialization in their second and third years, because lawyers use generalized legal knowledge when they practice.


If you’re so inclined, feel free to simulate a True/False test with the above statements.  Be prepared, as your answers will be compared to your peers and placed on a curve using a 2.0 median.

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