26 de agosto de 2017

The idea for Law Schooled formed from reading an article on law school reform and from a professor mentioning an underground newspaper which used to exist when she was a student at school.  The newspaper came out weekly and commented on cases in a critical way.  She smiled when she talked about it, as it brought a new angle to the way students engaged with the law and seemed to be a bit of fun.

From there, with a few brainstorm sessions with some smart people, I started to seriously think about what it would mean to have a blog and social network on law school reform, voiced and run by law students.  With new media, instead of an underground newspaper, students could think critically about law school reform online through a blog and social networking.  Law Schooled is now connected to Facebook and Twitter, and it hopes to inspire students to be leaders at their respective universities.

Law Schooled found its way online on March 19, 2012, and since then, with a team of weekly contributors, an inflow of articles from students around the nation, and a steady stream of support from wonderful friends in all fields including law, business, marketing, and education, Law Schooled continues to aim to provide students a forum for discussion about legal education reform.

Thank you to everyone for supporting and contributing to this collective effort.

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