“Do you have a job yet?” – A Culture of Silence

26 de agosto de 2017

Most 3Ls who don’t live under a rock get it.  You don’t ask about it, and you don’t brag if you got one.  However, 1Ls and 2Ls often enthusiastically and optimistically bust out with the question:  ”So, do you have a job yet?” up until they hit the summer job hunt season for their year, when they start to learn the culture of silence.  Then, there are the practicing attorneys and sometimes even professors, who seem to live in another universe.  What’s a good topic for small talk?  Law student employment of course.

Question:  ”So what are you doing after graduation?”

Answer:  ”Studying for the bar”

Follow up question:  ”And do you know where you’re going yet?”

Answer:  ”Probably my parent’s basement”

Would it be better if we made a sign for people:  ”Please respect the culture of silence and do not ask students whether they have a job”?

Or, should we break the culture of silence and start talking about what can be done to get higher rates of employment back?

Some questions:  Why do admissions keep rising when demand for new lawyers still remains low?  Does the establishment of new law schools saturate the market even further?  Can we really blame career services when the jobs just aren’t out there?  Are schools not providing enough alternative options for graduating law students who are willing or want to practice outside of the law?  Do you mind if I crash on your couch for a few years?

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