26 de agosto de 2017


  1. Noun, A network uniting student voices and organizing students on the ground to speak out about law school reform and school the current legal education system.
  2. Noun, A blog publishing student voices on the law school experience and student proposals for law school reform.
  3. Verb, To be suffering through or have suffered through three years of a legal education in which one loses a sense of human dignity, the right to regular hygiene, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the prospect of a high-paying job.
  4. Verb, To actively remove a law student’s sense of human dignity, right to regular hygiene, and ability to have a healthy romantic relationship.
  5. Adjective, Douchebagged and blinded to one’s own entitlement
  6. Adjective, Disillusioned, disgruntled, and dismantled.


  • When I’m sitting alone, reading Contracts, I don’t feel so alone when I read Law Schooled.
  • Can you believe what that idiot said on Law Schooled?
  • It’s exam period.  I’m wearing sweats, breaking out, and haven’t slept or showered for days.  Aw man!  I’ve been Law Schooled!
  • “He came in with a girlfriend, but after two semesters, they totally broke up.”  ”Well, at least he got on Law Review.”  ”Naw, Dude, they totally Law Schooled him.”
  • I aspire to be like the legendary customer at that restaurant in San Francisco.  I now regularly leave 1% tips to ensure my server knows I’m a member of the 1%, and I circle the word “tip” and write “get a better job”.  I have become a Law Schooled shell of a man.
  • I entered law school wanting to get a job as an astronaut or lawyer, but I came out with $250,000 of debt and no job.  I’m feeling so Law Schooled.


1. Noun, A game where often first year law students put gunners on a bingo card.  The first gunner to talk gets crossed off on the card.  Whichever player gets five gunners in a row screams out “Bingo!” in the middle of class.

  • Urban Dictionary Definition of Gunner:  ”A person who is competitive,overly-ambitious and substantially exceeds minimum requirements. A gunner will compromise his/her peer relationships and/or reputation among peers in order to obtain recognition and praise from his/her superiors.”
  • Bingo:  Game, name of dog, whatever.

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